Linseed Capital

Jim and Karen Linder

Linseed Capital Investment Criteria

Successful angel investing requires diligent research, business expertise and entrepreneurial vision. It also involves the long-term commitment necessary to create thriving businesses with growth opportunities.

At Linseed Capital, we not only select potential investments with the capability to provide superior financial returns, we also seek out companies that have the potential to create jobs and contribute to the economic improvement of the State of Nebraska and the midwest region.  Additionally, we support national companies with the ability to help our society and the environment.

As angel investors, we employ a thoughtful approach to investing that allows us to identify uniquely profitable investment opportunities. Our fund invests in very diverse business sectors. We perform an extensive and thorough analysis on every prospective company we consider for angel investment. Each must meet the following investment criteria:

  • Viable Product or Service   It is essential that any product or service be feasible and executable. We target companies that can demonstrate that risk will be minimized while ensuring that the proof of concept is reasonably sound. This includes the potential for rapid customer or business acceptance and a targeted customer base. Each plan must also consider the appropriate product or service pricing threshold and deliver a clear customer needs assessment.
  • Market and Growth Prospects   Prospective companies need to provide financial projections that will deliver profitability over time. We also look for investments with the potential to satisfy our goal of improving society and contributing to the greater good.
  • Competitive Advantage   We seek angel investment opportunities that will fill a market niche through a proprietary technology, product, license, or through the dominance of a specific marketing channel. In addition, we value companies that may be positioned to become a market leader or have significant advantage as a “first mover” in a market if the benefit is sustainable over time.
  • Strong Management Team   We believe that the quality of the management team is one of the most important attributes of a successful investment opportunity. Therefore, we weigh the capability of the management team heavily in our criteria assessments.