Opportunities We Love

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The team, product/service and market are all important factors for us to consider when making an investment. We are less focused on any particular industry than we are in supporting quality products and services built by amazing individuals who will make a large impact in their market.  We favor opportunities in the Midwest, but are not close-minded about the coasts.
  • The caliber of a startup team is defined as the competence of the founders, CEO, senior staff, engineers, and other key staff.  Effectiveness is more important than experience.  Many fantastic companies are created by people who have not “done it before”.  We are personally invested in each founder that we support.  We must meet face to face and really get to know each founder prior to funding.  The continued relationship and extent of interaction between Linseed Capital and the funded company is customized dependent upon the needs of the startup.
  • The quality of a startup’s product or service is evaluated.  What problem are you solving?  Are you creating new opportunities for your customers?  Intellectual property adds value by providing a competitive advantage.  Novel, unique products are of greatest interest.  If you are following a trend, you are too late.
  • The size of a startup’s market is the the number and growth rate of  customers for a product or service.  “Scalability” is important.  Revenues should be projected (and proven) to grow independent of rising expenses.  The #1 company-killer is lack of market.  Neither a stellar team nor a fantastic product will redeem a bad market.
  • The exit opportunity is a consideration.  While we look forward to a long relationship with the startup team, an investment implies we receive a return on the capital we give you.